Global Marketing is Essential Today

"Jim Bandrowski and his team helped us formulate our go-to-market strategy that provided a quick and dramatic upgrade for RockStep Capital. We incorporated their re-branding and copy writing throughout all of our marketing communications, and were very pleased."

Andy Weiner CEO
RockStep Capital
(Major real estate investment firm)


Have you ever found yourself saying “Our products and services would sell terrifically if only prospects knew about them.” You’re not alone. What you need is to develop and implement a Breakthrough Global Marketing StrategySM.

Global Marketing: Its purpose is to succeed in effectively accomplishing a marketing goal on a global scale within the limitations of your company’s time, resources, and budget. This is crucial to both large and small businesses around the world - no matter what industry you are in.

Global Branding: Your company’s core message is at the heart of it all. More than just logo design, a global brand must compelling communicate the essence of your company’s or product’s competitive advantage. Be sure to take time to really think your brand. Having a consistent brand strategy will enable you to deeply penetrate your current markets, and expand into new ones.

Multi-pronged Approach: A successful strategy requires a complete package of marketing programs aimed at gaining exposure. This must include both conventional marketing methods as well as Web 2.0 strategies employing international search engines, social media groups, news agencies, and more.

Social Media: If you are not taking advantage of micro-blogging services like Twitter, social networking spaces like Facebook, or video networks such as YouTube, then you're missing out on reaching thousands of active potential customers at the click of a button.

Creative Design: Your website is your first chance to make a great first impression on your customer. It's well known that a poorly designed site reflects badly on the company, regardless of how great your services or products are.

Public Relations: Get your company in the news, and start making valuable contacts in the media who sincerely want to hear from you and learn about your company

New Product and Service Development: Use our Breakthrough Strategy Process to develop potentially game-changing products and services. Employ fast prototyping to quickly test new concepts so that your company can be your industry’s disruptive innovator. New products need to be launched, tested, tweaked, revived, and changed continually to target ever-changing customer sentiment and preferences. 

Innovation Is Only Part of the Formula: It’s not enough just to be “innovative” or unique in the global market. You need a Breakthrough Global Marketing Strategy – a formula to drive revenue and increase your bottom line. This can be the pivotal point in the effectiveness of your global brand marketing.

Your Success Is Our Success: Don’t let your sales languish because your current marketing plan fails to keep up.  Start reaping the benefits of new sources of revenue and customers. It is possible when you work with Strategic Action Associates. We take great pride in helping companies of all sizes develop powerful global marketing plans that truly resonate with their brand and drive demand.

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