Are Your Lean Six Sigma Teams "Stuck in the Box"
and Getting Mediocre Results?

Drive Quality, Reduce Costs, and Boost Innovation!
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Flexibility of Breakthrough Lean Six SigmaSM (BLSS):
Some Implementation Options ...

  1. Make Your Core Process the Best in Your Industry (100%): Improve your single most important process (manufacturing, service, software, office, operations, etc.) and massively move the needle on its metric.
  2. Train with Doing (50%-50%): Improve your top two to four processes by having Jim train teams simultaneously in the same room with the teams solving your process problems right in the training.
  3. Do with Training (90%-10%): Have Jim facilitate two to four teams separately, typically working with each team for a half-day each, and including "learning moments" in the work sessions. Achieve breakthrough results fast.
  4. Roll It Out: After option 1, 2 or 3, have your organization apply what it has learned and improve all of your processes to world class performance.
    In each of the above, results are guaranteed!

How do we do this? Here's how:

University Executive Education Workshops
by Jim Bandrowski

Jim delivers in whole or in part his unique Breakthrough Lean Six Sigma approach at a number of executive and management education programs of major universities. Here are two:

University of Minnesota, Executive Education: Three-day program:

Operational Excellence: Keys to a Competitive Advantage
(Focus of the course is on Lean Six Sigma)


University of Wisconsin, Madison, Executive Education: Two-day program:

Design for Lean Six Sigma: Dramatically Increase the Success
of Your New Product, Service, and Software Introductions


"Jim is an engaging and dynamic presenter. When it comes to the Before-and-After Learning Outcomes that participants report, no program faculty member scores higher."

Scott Converse
Director, Technology and Operations Programs
University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Business
Executive Education


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