Execution Excellence

Successfully Implement New Strategy and Make Change Happen:
Keynote Speech, Workshop, or Consulting by Jim Bandrowski

Achieving successful, large-scale change is a difficult challenge. Yet in our accelerated business environment, it is the key contribution leaders can make to their organizations. Assuring that new strategies, processes and policies are effectively put into action is crucial. This workshop provides you with the approaches and tools to perform this daunting duty.  

Our three-phased, nine-step Execution Excellence process combines the best practices of world-class companies and consulting firms. If you are presently implementing a new strategy or change initiative, you can use this workshop and accompanying workbook as a guide in your effort. Also included is a detailed assessment instrument you can use to evaluate your past and present change efforts, and employ as a checklist on your future ones.  The workshop is customized to your organization's size, structure, culture, change effort, and other exact needs.

  • Become a Breakthrough Change Leader in your organization who can execute strategy and implement business transformations smoothly and effectively throughout your company.
  • Lead with vision and passion, using your cognitive and emotional intelligence, to inspire your organization to extraordinary performance and accountability.
  • Overcome opposition to change, turn resistance into commitment, and employ role modeling, positive reinforcement, and other techniques to create a culture that embraces change.

In the workshop, apply what you learn to a high priority strategy execution or change initiative in your organization.

Praise for "Results-Driven Execution and Change -
Becoming a Breakthrough Change Leader"

"Excellent speech on implementing strategic plans and leading change." Your energy, enthusiasm, insights and experience-based suggestions were extremely valuable."

Stan Abraham, Ph.D.
Chair, National Conference
Association for Strategic Planning


“Your Breakthrough Change Leader workshop was a great addition to our Leadership Development series. You were able to “break through” to participants who attend but aren’t really there, and you gave them a substantial tool to work with to help them make plans for change. Of the three projects you used as our examples, we will be implementing 100%.”

Aaryn M. Rose
Training and Development Manager
Northern California Presbyterian Homes & Services


“Jim, you gave us a simply excellent and stimulating presentation on Implementing Strategy Through Change Leadership. Your energy and enthusiasm were infectious, the audience’s frequent bursts of laughter were wonderful, and your insights and experience-based suggestions were extremely valuable. In fact, you saved our conference from flagging in that critical post-luncheon period where very few presenters can make an impact. So, thank you again for being the highlight of the afternoon session and for delivering such useful information.”

Stan Abraham
Conference Chairman
Association for Strategic Planning
Annual Conference


“Jim is outstanding. One of our team leaders spoke for everyone: ‘In Jim's Breakthrough Leadership session, we accomplished three times more on our action project than we would have working on our own."

Andy Billings
Vice President, HR & WW Organizational Development
Electronic Arts ($1.5 billion--largest computer game developer and publisher in the world)


"Outstanding! Jim teaches hands-on techniques on how to brainstorm real world business situations providing immediate results. After returning to the office, I applied the techniques Jim taught and within two weeks we had improved the efficiency of our department dramatically."

Greg Shell
Regional Vice President
Auto-Owners Insurance Company