Rock Your Industry

Jim's forthcoming book ...

Game Change Your Industry and Win!

Rock Your Industry presents the single factor that separates great leaders and innovators from good ones, along with how to apply it to strategy, marketing, technology, operations, human resources - any area of your enterprise.

A wave of innovation is headed right for
your industry ...

"Will you be crushed by it, catch it, or
cause it?"


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Global Strategy, Process Innovation,
and Execution Excellence

Remarkable results. Guaranteed!

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Our Satisfied Clients Say Jim Bandrowski Rocks!

Teri McKibbon, President Aecon Infrastructure Division of Aecon
(Largest publicly traded construction company in Canada)
"Our division has enjoyed tremendous financial success based on the strategic plan Jim helped us develop, and a foundation is in place for many years of successful growth."

Patrick Carmichael, Talent Manager, Saudi Aramco
(Largest oil company in the world)
"Jim Bandrowski’s work at Saudi Aramco resulted in some of the highest levels of documented ROI of any consulting firm."

Walt Woodbury, former CEO, QualMed California,
Division of Health Net

(a $10 billion company)
"Jim's streamlined approach to Lean Six Sigma and quality improvement is the best available. His training and facilitation of 12 of our teams saved us millions and helped our division generate 46% of the revenue and 87% of the profit of the parent corporation."

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The first book on how
to put creativity and innovation into
strategy, marketing, operations & execution

Published by
the Free Press division
of Simon & Schuster

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Jim Bandrowski’s system
emphasizes action that
helps companies beat
their competition.

- Industry Week magazine