Breakthrough Strategic Planning Facilitation,
and Training Services

Does your management team desire a leap in profitable growth? If so, we can help. Our Strategic Innovation Process is the only one that combines rigorous strategic analysis, true imaginative strategic thinking, intelligent decision making, clear planning, and Execution Excellence. It is the ONLY “Out of the Box” Strategic Planning approach.

In the sessions, your team will conceive and begin executing an innovative, integrated strategy that will deliver superior profitable growth at both the corporate and division levels. You may even change the way your entire industry operates.

This document outlines how we can facilitate your strategic thinking in a one-day strategy session, or a multi-day intensive strategy development approach. It is your choice depending on your situation and need.

  2. Discover latent customer needs (their pains and problems).
  3. Achieve customer elation (not just customer satisfaction).
  4. Develop a clear, compelling vision and strategy.
  5. Dramatically improve quality and service.
  6. Build your organization’s growth capability. 
  7. Foster teamwork, enthusiasm and commitment.
  8. Get everyone involved and out-of-the-box.
  9. Turn every team member into a Remarkable Leader.
  10. Make strategic planning FUN and EXCITING.

"Jim Bandrowski has been instrumental in the success of Aecon Infrastructure with his efforts
to develop a strategic plan for our company. Our division has enjoyed tremendous financial success based on this strategic plan, and a foundation is in place for many years of successful growth."

- Teri McKibbon, President, Aecon Infrastructure - the largest division of the largest publicly held construction company in Canada. From 2004 to 2009, revenue increased from $200 million to
over $937 million. Income increased from a loss of $3 million to a profit of $69 million per year.

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Strategy Facilitation that Succeeds

  1. Before the Retreats—Prework that Saves You a Day of Facilitation: Our proprietary list of questions and forms drives your participants into deep strategic thinking, and motivates them to bring their best insights and ideas to the retreat.
  2. During the Retreat—We Foster Original Strategic Thinking: You get creativity, wise decision making, realistic planning, and risk reduction that will deliver the results you seek. 
  3. After the Retreats—We Assure Your Success: You can take the output of the retreat and write and implement your strategic plan with coaching from us. Or you can have us finalize your vision and strategy, and guide you through our nine-step Execution Excellence through Change Leadership process. Often, a new strategy requires you to redesign a core business process or design an entirely new one. Our Breakthrough Lean Six Sigma services will assure your achieve a process breakthrough. Jim Bandrowski is a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, and results many times are nearly immediate.

Sampling of More Testimonials on Jim Bandrowski
As Strategy Facilitator, Trainer and Speaker

"After years of shrinking market share, Jim Bandrowski and his team of consultants enabled us to see our opportunities and to capitalize on them.  We have actively and profitably grown the company in a way that we thought would not be possible just a few years ago.  We now have a vision and plan for CSE that can carry the company forward for many years."
- David Brinker, Executive Vice President, CSE Insurance Group.

“Jim quickly grasped the fundamentals of our business and where we were hoping to get to, and helped us to understand the pains of our clients. Several of the moves we made (thanks to Jim’s guidance) are truly game changing. I would recommend Jim to break log jams in your business.”
- Phil Paxton, President, Alpha Better Group of Companies - a major commercial landscaping and tree farming company in Calgary, AB, Canada) 

"Jim facilitated and taught us a great process, and we use it to manage our business. We are the market leader in our product category, and when marketplace changes create growth opportunities, we use Jim's approach to successfully capitalize on them and insure our market leadership and continued profitable growth."
- Larry Davis, CEO, Marley Mouldings - now the largest prefinished mouldings manufacture in North America

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