Praise for "Analyzing and Improving Operational Performance
in the Manufacturing Industry"
(Three-day Workshop)

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“Jim Bandrowski’s Analyzing & Improving Operational Performance seminar thoroughly covered the primary aspects of Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing, and he gave useful tools and real life examples that I can utilize in plans for immediately improving my business. Jim covered a great deal of information and yet I did not feel overwhelmed.”

Judy Medcalf
Director Manufacturing
Williams Sound Corp.


"Jim Bandrowski’s presentation style stood out because he presented materials and tools in a practical manner that can be used within any organization. I know I have found tools to use in our company."

Jim Nelson
Executive V.P., Research & Engineering
Faribault Foods, Inc.


“No matter how much experience you have, no matter what size company you work for, this class will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and ”think outside the box.”

Terrie L. Rihs
Production Manager
Tamarack Habilitations Tech. Inc.


“Jim Bandrowski did a great job of not only explaining the basics of Lean, Six Sigma, and other improvement strategies, but also taught us techniques for implementing these strategies and creating positive cultural change that will lead to breakthrough profits”

Loren Dietz
Manufacturing Manager
Itron, Inc.