Keynote Speech Testimonials

Testimonials on Jim Bandrowski as a Keynote Speaker

Innovative, practical concepts and tools that your team can use every day.

"Jim, your morning speech provided a great experience for our CEO members. They used your concepts and words throughout the afternoon session, and were all they wanted to talk about: breakthrough strategy, Wave Thinking, innovation, positioning, survival, etc."

David Spann
Vistage Chair
Idaho (July 2013)


"Jim spoke at our 2013 annual conference and his message was unique in the world of leadership and strategic planning: ride the wave of what he calls Wave Thinking to create a breakthrough strategy. This innovative and practical message, when accompanied by his passion and strong nonverbal communication, made the audience really stand up and respond."

Al Spada
Publisher/Editor of Modern Casting magazine
Director of Marketing, American Foundry Society


Jim Bandrowski Rocks 'em in Nashville:

"Jim, thank you for an outstanding job speaking at the annual conference of the National Service Alliance (NSA) in Nashville in May 2013! As in many service industries, our members are challenged with how to deliver higher service levels at lower prices. In your session, our members actively engaged in using your Wave Thinking method to amp up their marketing messages, clarify their offerings, and develop innovative strategies. You also helped our association by showing us we lacked a clear message on our website to recruit new members. Using the exercise sessions in the conference combined with some Wave Thinking back at our office, we will rethink our branding message and develop a clear offering statement. So many of our members commented on how well they liked your session, so we are extremely pleased with the experience and look forward to implementing your approaches."

Terry Sambrowski
Vice President, Executive Director
National Service Alliance (NSA)


"Jim, you are one of the best Vistage speakers I have seen in 10 years, and I see a top speaker almost every month. Thanks for your workshop at our company. It must be really rewarding helping to turn companies around."

Al Hartman
Founder and CEO
Hartman Income REIT
(Large REIT in Houston, TX)March 2013


"Jim, you are really great. You held everyone spellbound throughout your presentation on Innovative Leadership of Corporate Governance, and we learned a lot. Thank you soooo very much as we give you two thumbs up. Please send us a copy of your slides so we can implement Wave Thinking in Nigeria."

Ego Mafiana
Director and Head of Internal Audit
ITF Headquarters (Gov't Agency), Nigerian Government


"Jim, I wanted to thank you for your kickoff speech for our management team's two-day conference. You perfectly 'set the table' for us (as you say) to Create and Implement Breakthrough Strategies. We immediately used your Wave Thinking approach to brainstorm our core competency, generate a number of new business opportunities, and create teams to work on them. Thank you again for a stimulating, insightful, and fun presentation."

Paul Crawford
King Marketing Ltd.
(One of the largest Sales Rep and Merchandising firms selling to Hardware and Home Improvement Centers in Canada)


"The Intellectual and Emotional Wave concepts Jim introduced at our meeting moved beyond "out-of-the-box thinking" to a tangible, actionable process we can all adopt to unleash great ideas. One audience member said she would implement Wave Thinking next week in their company planning meetings, and raved about the power of this new perspective. Jim clearly tailored his speech to the candy industry, kept the audience engaged, was great to work in the conference planning process, and made everything easy for me as the organizer, including the last minute change in stage time!"

Cindy Brooks
2013 Western Candy Conference Chairperson


"My CEO Group rated you 4.9 (out of 5) on Content and 4.9 on Delivery, with a 100% recommendation for other members. They said you are "one of the best."

Louis Allegra 
Vistage Chair, Lexington, Kentucky
January 2013


"Jim's enthusiasm and fast pace makes for an experience that excites your leadership. We have a clear, focused direction built on an unusually powerful way of thinking that he continues to perfect. Highly recommended, especially if your business is flat lining. Teaching ambitious leaders how to think better is an incredible gift, and Jim is the best."

Jerry Davis
CEO of Goodwill Industries of Central Texas
Former Chairman of Goodwill Industries International
May 2013


Note: In addition to the above, many testimonials have been received in 2013 on Jim Bandrowski's Breakthrough Strategy facilitation and consulting services.