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More Testimonials on Jim Bandrowski as Strategy Facilitator, Trainer and Speaker

Jim Bandrowski presented his Breakthrough Strategy Process at the International Conference of the Planning Forum. The following year's conference brochure stated: "Jim Bandrowski was rated the most useful presenter of the 25 distinguished speakers." Here's what other executives have said:


"Jim, your work in facilitating a Vision and Strategy for the USA's Strategic Petroleum Reserve was magnificent. The project was a total success and you exceeded all of our expectations. The document that will be submitted to the government by our client 'sings' of the outstanding innovations they conceived to accomplish the operation's mission. We could not have come close to meeting our objectives without your energetic and inspiring leadership."

Richard Nathan, CEO, AOC Key Solutions


"Jim took 21 of our management team members in four misaligned companies through a one-day Breakthrough Strategy session. By the end of the day we had an aligned team committed to a goal that was double my expectations and a plan in place on how we were going to get there. We can't thank him enough. It was a game changer for us!"

Ryan Moor, CEO, Ryonet (Large Screen Printing machinery manufacturer in Vancouver, WA)


"Jim quickly grasped the fundamentals of our business and where we were hoping to get to, and helped us to understand the pains of our clients. Several of the moves we made (thanks to Jim's guidance) are truly GAME CHANGING. I would recommend Jim to break log jams in your business."

Phil Paxton, President, Alpha Better Group of Companies (Major commercial landscaping and tree farming company in Calgary, AB, Canada)


“While there are hundreds of resources, there is only one that I have come across in my 21 years as a Vistage Chair that I would choose to lead me on the full journey of genuine strategic planning — and that man is JIM BANDROWSKI.  I have watched Jim work with several of my CEO members over the years and I can say unequivocally his approach to strategic planning has made the MOST SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in taking those organizations to the next level of high performance AND BEYOND.  If it were my company, I would look no further than Jim.”

Michael W. Norris, Senior Chairman, Vistage (the largest organization of CEOs in the world)


"Jim's Growth Search process and techniques are innovative, and using them we developed and began implementing a Growth Plan for the most significant and exciting transformation in our business we have ever experienced."

Dermott Corr, CEO, JohnsonDiversey Equipment (a division of Johnson Wax)


“Jim is outstanding. One of our team leaders spoke for everyone: "In Jim's Breakthrough Leadership session, we accomplished three times more on our action project than we would have working on our own."

Andy Billings, Vice President, HR & WW Organizational Development
Electronic Arts (At $3 billion—the largest computer game developer in the world)


“TelSpan, a Conferencing Services Provider was facing a marketplace of declining prices, increasingly sophisticated technologies, and aggressive competitors. Jim Bandrowski led us to map out the steps toward areas of greater opportunity for uniqueness, profitability, and corporate success.”

Keith E. Locke, President and CEO, TelSpan, Inc. 


“I presented our strategic plan that you helped us develop to my TEC Group 69. The feedback from the 12 other CEOs was unbelievably positive.”

Paul Onufer, CEO, Ion Communities


“Thank you for the outstanding strategy retreat this weekend. It was a pleasure to go through your process again, and I can see why it has become so successful. I look forward to annual revenues of $20, $50, and $100 million by implementing our ideas. Your suggestion of our new brand positioning was spot on. And I just have to say I really appreciate the way you helped us identify those things we do very well that we didn’t even recognize as potential markets. With that said, thank you again for a great session.”

David Johnson, Director of Web Services, TelSpan